A firm that believes in the never-ending possibilities of electrical engineering and fully comprehends the severity and impact it has on the world and most importantly, its inhabitants. Established in 2020, the company seeks to drive innovation and establish sustainable as well as tangible outcomes through then products and services it provides. Our company is guided by 4 founding principles which are:


Cadmus Electrical maintains highest levels of equality within our work culture.


We are committed to Health and Safety standards and procedures.


We are fully compliant with statutory laws, regulations, compliance standards and professional bodies in South Africa.


Cadmus Electrical observes high levels of ethics and integrity and work equality within our workplace


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We are a 100% Black-Owned and fully respects and adheres to BBBEE business practices. Our staff is made up of competent and deeply knowledgeable individuals who welcome all electrical-based challenges and respond to them decisively. We welcome the opportunity from you to allow us to assist you in reaching your short, medium and long-term endeavours.

Company Structure
“To be known as the “African-class” electrical engineering solutions provider, through continuous development and decisive research.”
“To lead the current generation of electrical and civil engineering into the future through the contribution of critical thinking and a collaborative spirit by our experiences and business relationships.”
    • Inclusion
    • Time-honoured
    • Endurability
    • Association
    • Competence
Social Inclusion is defined as the process of bettering the terms on which individuals and groups take part in society. This in turn will improve the ability, opportunity and dignity of those disadvantaged based on their identity and background. In accordance with the Legislation set in South Africa about projects of a community, we support the initiative of employing local community in projects that affect them directly.

• On-the-job training is our hands-on method of teaching skills, knowledge and competence needed for the electrical and civil industry. This is primarily done through the current existing workplace tools, documents, equipment and knowledge on how to effectively do their job.

• Cadmus’ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) focuses on minimizing the effects electrical and civil projects have on the environment. We stress and highlight the importance of energy saving to community members, provide advise on energy saving products as well as minimizing wastage.

• As a company we believe that the investment into education is the most tangible and exemplified initiative. Through our partnerships and well-structured agreements with stakeholders and industry playmakers, we provide resources and learning materials to support and stimulate the social economy of RSA.

Cadmus Electrical is Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Registered


•Electrifications on buildings, both domestic and industrial infrastructure.
•Street lighting & Hi-Mast project maintenance and installations.
•LV, MV, HV overhead and underground cabling.
•Joints and terminations from LV, MV up to 144kV including cables.
•Cable laying of fibreoptic up to stringing and splicing.
•Erection of Substations from 11kv to 132Kv including primary plant and secondary plant.
•Protection and instrumentation and earthing.
•Pre-paid meters/Smart meters.
•Cable fault location and testing.
•Pipe jacking and bulleting.
•Erection of Mini-subs, switch gears.
•Standby generator set with logic panel.
• Network Management Systems (NMS).
• Cable monitoring for fibre optic network.

•Civils work from servitudes, road infrastructure, building of community dwellings, water reticulation and transfer systems, pressure and booster pumps, etc.
• Access network fibre monitoring systems.
• Installation of security systems.
• Stringing of fibre cable overhead/underground.
• Splicing.
• Bulk electrical infrastructure
• Medium & low voltage systems
• Internal & external lighting
• Heating, ventilation & air conditioning
• Fire detection & alarm systems
• Access Control / CCTV / Security systems
• Data / Telecommunications
• Lightning protection
• Energy efficiency solutions
• Electrical Spares Supply
• Preparation of worksite
• Checking soil conditions
• Stockpile creation
• Understanding different topographical conditions

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Address: 24 Hay Street, Booysens, Ophirton 2091

Phone: +27 (0) 87 222 6965

Email: info@cadmuselectrical.co.za